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The Manchester 2600 meet takes place on the first friday of every month. It is aimed at everybody with an interest in computer security, telephony, hacking, phone phreaking, cryptography, internet security/privacy issues, urban exploration and related subjects.

People from all walks of life are welcome, from both the 'white hat' and 'black hat' sides of the computer security world (you might be surprised at some of the people who have turned up in the past).  You don't have to be an 'expert' at anything to fit in; however, there are always people about with some expertise in most of the areas mentioned.  It's sometimes surprising what information you can pick up for the price of a few beers :)

The Manchester meet tends to be a little different from the other UK 2600 meets; while there is always lively discussion of the above subjects, the meet starts in a bar and we frequently continue drinking till 2am or go on to a club afterwards. The meeting continues for as long as at least two participants are able to maintain an intelligent conversation.

Manchester 2600 regulars have also helped run events like the DNSCon 9 conference and Continuity '06 party.





Meeting point

Please note, we are no longer meeting in the Green Room. We now meet in the Bulls Head pub on London Road, meetings start around 7:00pm..

The Bulls Head is next to Piccadilly station, from the main station concourse, go down the escalators to the Taxi rank. From the Taxi rank you will see the Bulls Head on the corner opposite.

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